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Welcome to my newly refreshed site! This page was created for the sharing of information and ideas to professional daycare/childcare providers, whether at home or in a centre.  Parents can sneak in too! This site has been in existence since 1995, when we hosted the Daycare-L discussion list. That was an eye-opener about the internet for me at the time, and with a lot of help, we managed to keep the discussion going for over ten years. We got our own domain name in 2003. During all that time, I’ve been teaching toddlers and pre-kindergarteners, and this site and the people I’ve met through it, have been invaluable resources. Please take a look. Hopefully I’ve been able to “pay forward” some of the childcare information and ideas I’ve collected through emails, courses, seminars and experience. Please visit the My Centre page, to view Heart & Home (Cindy’s) Childcare and read about my own child care centre. Thanks to the parents of the children in my Georgetown, Ontario home childcare from years gone by, for kindly granting me permission to include photos of their (now older) wonderful children on this website. Browsing through the photos was a fun (and a little sad) exercise. Note that the childcare-related link list resource has been moved to it’s own page, as has the main cardfile directory. Visit my store for the latest children and childcare-related fun and learning books, video and music, from Amazon.
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Over the many years that I have been providing home daycare, I have accumulated a lot of childcare songs, crafts, games and ideas. Please feel free to browse through them.  I hope that they are as useful to you as they have been to me. If you would like to contribute to the collection, that would be great.  Just send me an email!